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About Me
As a red head, I have pale and freckly skin. I don't tan naturally in the sun but always tried to! It was in 2010, for my school formal, that I had my first spray tan. I couldn't believe how much better my outfit and makeup looked or how much more confident I felt! Fake tanning then became an addiction. I tried a LOT of different tanning brands, solutions and application methods. It was in 2013 that I purchased my own spray tan machine. My friends and family were my most regular customers, up until 2016, when I created my @tannedbyjordyn instagram page and started sharing my hobby all over Gold Coast and Brisbane. As a bodybuilding competitor myself, I quickly learned how make or break your tan is for your overall stage presence. In 2016, I started tanning girls for their bodybuilding shows, including myself. In 2017-2018, I was the preferred and sponsored competition tanner for the ANB Queensland shows. It was in these years that I knew I wanted to make my hobby a business. 

My Story

I believe that a good tan makes you feel good! But a good tan is hard to come by. When I stumbled across MineTan, it was love at first site! The Fitness Tan-Workout Ready was the first solution I tried and for a while, it was the only one I would use on my clients. The unique bronze formula grabbed my attention because of its 100% natural DHA; sustainably sourced; paraben, sulphate, palm oil and mineral oil free ingredients and vegan and cruelty free formulation process. As the MineTan range expanded, so did mine! I came to love every one of their products. The colours always look flawless. The solutions all apply so easily and don't smell like fake tan. The products wear so well and never go patchy or streaky. What I love most about MineTan is their philosophy: "Tanning begins with you. We believe your tan should be just as unique as you are. When it comes to tanning one shade does not fit all – it’s so much more than just light, medium and dark."

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As a bodybuilder myself, I know the importance your tan has on your stage presence. No matter how hard you worked, for 20+ weeks in your prep, how shredded you are or how jacked and symmetrical you look, a bad tan will draw attention to you for all the wong reasons! You want to be as bronzed as you can, so that the bright stage lights don't wash you out. You want to be slightly shimmery but not glittering so much that you look like you rolled in fairy dust. You don't want to be wet and every pose you make, rubs a bit of tan off. When I was choosing a solution for my own bodybuilding show, I did the research! I went to shows and observed the great tans and noticed the not so great tans... I asked the competitors what they had used and what their experience was like. I contacted the brands and asked about their products and their recommended tanning processes.The one brand that kept coming up was Black Magic Tan. I tried them for myself and couldn't believe how easy it was to apply! The formula is designed to dry quick, meaning its quite easy to wear and pose in, without fearing you're going to mark your tan. Whats even better about this solution is that it includes ingredients such as grape seed oil, vitamin E, aloe vera leaf juice and sunflower seed oil, to look after your skin, while you're wearing all those layers of tan! This tan went on to be the crowd favourite at the ANB Queensland shows, receiving and aboundnce of positive feedback from judges, competitors, spectators and professional photographs.

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