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How early should i start exfoliating?

Exfoliating with a glove and body wash or a gentle scrub, is the key to a luminous skin. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the surface layer and helps even out skin texture. It is recommended to exfoliate well, at least the day before and the day of your tanning session. For best results, and to keep cell turnover healthy, you should exfoliate every 2-3 days, regularly. 

How long will my tan last?

You should get 7-10 days, streak free, out of your tan. This depends on how much you sweat, how frequently you shower or how exposed your skin is to water. Your tan will fade over time, as skin cells die and flake off, or the stain is soaked off. To make the most out of your tan, moisturise daily, avoid shaving and keep exposure to water (swimming, excessive sweating, saunas, showers) minimal. 

Is your spray tan pregnancy and breast feeding safe?

Yes! MineTan solutions are organic and made from natural ingredients. You can tan while pregnant and breastfeeding. Avoid spraying/tanning your breasts, to avoid transfer to your little ones mouth. 

Will the bronzer stain my sheets and clothes?

MineTan products dry quite quickly, meaning you can wear loose clothing and sleep in your tan, with minimal worry about transfer and marking the tan. Yes, the bronzer will come off on any surface its contacted with...but don't washes off!! Simply put your clothes, sheets and towels in the wash after! Always use old sheets or old clothes when sitting or sleeping while your tan develops.

If you would prefer ZERO TRANSFER, ask for the invisible goes on clear with no bronzer!!!

Can i go about my day normally after my tan?

Your tan should be dry within 15 mins of your tanning session. You should be able to wear some loose clothes, with minimal concern about marking or removing the tan. Be cautious of exposure to water, while your tan is developing. Its important to be gentle and cautious of marking or removing the tan, while marinating. usually avoid tight clothing and underwear that rub on your skin. Do not use any creams, perfumes, deodorant or makeup while your bronzer is developing, as liquid will remove the tan early. Once you have showered off the bronzer, you can go about your life as normal! You will continue to get darker and develop fully, over the next 24 hours BUT wear the deodorant, moisturiser and makeup as you please!

What do i need to do before a tan?

Visit "Pre Tan Prep" for the recommendations. 

When can i/should i moisturise?

Once you have rinsed the tan bronzer off, you may moisturise as normal. You will continue to develop and get darker, over the next 24 hours, so can avoid moisturising during this period, if you prefer to be darker. It is recommended to moisturise daily or bi-daily when you have a fake tan on, to keep your skin hydrated and tan even. Moisturising also helps fade the tan and remove it, in a non-invasive way. 

Do i use soap/bodywash when i wash my tan off?

MineTan products dry quite well into your skin. Its best to wash off the bronzer very thoroughly, with body wash. Simply rinsing with water wont always remove all bronzer and could leave you with streaks where product has dripped or not been removed fully. 

Can i shave after my tan?

Shaving will remove some of the tan, as it removes skin cells from the surface layer. It is recommended to shave a day prior to the tanning session and pro long shaving, while you have a fake tan on. If shaving before a tan, it is best to shave 24 hours prior, to give your pores a chance to close back over and avoid tan getting stuck in open pores (this is what causes the black dots).

Will my tan protect me from sunburn?

Unfortunately, no! Although you wont be as pale and attractive to the sun, you will not be protected from harmful UV rays. It is recommended and totally ok to use sunscreen, while you have a fake tan on. 

Should i fully remove my tan before i get another one?

It is best to tan on freshly prepared skin, however you can tan over the top of old tan. Keep the tan even and hydrated and the skin exfoliated. Do not scrub!! This can cause skin irritation, rashes and uneven tanned areas. If you have patches of tan, its best to remove it all fully, as the new tan will darken the old tan and look uneven to the newly tanned areas. 

How do i get the tan off?

Visit "Pre Tan Prep" for the recommendations. 

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