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Tanning in your own home has never been easier!

Based on the Gold Coast, I am a mobile tanner that comes to you! 

Simply book a tan in the bookings tab and enjoy the comfort of in home, professional spray tanning.  




Everyday Tanning

Wether its a spray tan for a wedding, school formal, function or just to perfect your weekend outfit, our every day solutions promise to give you a bronzed, natural glow with no fake tan smell.

Our range of MineTan solutions are made with 100% natural DHA, sustainably sourced ingredients that are vegan, cruelty free and free from sulphates, paragons, palm and mineral oils. 

All of these solutions are 1 hour minimum development time with the ability to leave up to 8+ hours for a deep, dark tan. Your tan will NEVER look orange, smell like fake tan, streaky or become patchy. These tans last up to 10 days and fade over time, rather than peel and rub off.


The tan that won't sweat off!

This solutions leaves a super dark bronzed finish. Infused with caffeine and guarana to tighten and firm skin. Long lasting ability that fades rather than transfers off with sweat. Perfect for all skin types. 


A clear, transfer resistant tan mixed with colour drops to match your ideal shade perfectly. Choose 1-4 drop of colour to depict your depth of tan. Use the colour alone or mix with another shade for a true match to your skin tone!


MINK is the lightest shade available with a cool light brown undertone. Perfect for pale skin with peach undertones or a light, dust of colour. 


A cool undertone that leaves a deep, bronzed tan, without the orange undertones. Purple undertones are suitable for all skin colour bases and leave a deeper bronze. For a lighter tan, leave your solution develop for  1 hour and for a deeper tan, leave up to 8+ hours. 


DARK ASH is a grey based solution that leaves your skin looking like you've just returned from a holiday in the Mediterranean. This tan has the ability to develop deeper and darker, as its left longer but will never turn orange. Dark as is suitable for all skin tones but perfect for those who wants something a little darker than MINK and more subtle to VIOLET. 


The darkest of them all! Used to enhance the depth of already darker skin tones or perfect for those who want an intense tan. The cool undertones of BLUE BLACK ensure you will never look orange. The solution is designed to counteract yellow and red tones, to leave a deep, dark bronze. 

Competition Tanning

A chilled physique needs a perfect tan to showcase it as it as it deserves!

Black Magic "muscle tan" solution has been developed specifically for bodybuilding shows. Its deep, bronze colour is perfect for both male and female categories across  all divisions; from Bikini to bodybuilding. 

Muscle tan is infused with grape seed oil, vitamin E, aloe vera leaf juice and sunflower seed oil to ensure your skin stays hydrated while wearing the tan.


Create your perfect stage tan with a base coat and a second top coat. Build the colour of the tan with additional layers or finalise with "flex gold" a layer of instant bronzing shimmer. The tan fades over time, after show, to reveal a more subtle colour. 


This professional spray solution is designed to be non stick and quick drying, to give you piece of mind that your tan won't mark or run easily while on stage.   


Black Magic Muscle tan is an approved tan of ANB, INBA,  ICN, NBA and AWNBS shows. 

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