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Pre Tan Prep

Here are some recommended pre tan instructions, to ensure your tan experience is as effective and long lasting as possible! No one wants an orange, patchy tan or to spend money on a tan that last 2 days!

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Plan Ahead

Fake tans can take a full day to develop to its truest colour, so its important to schedule your spray tan a few days prior to your event. Depending on how dark you want your tan, you may have to leave your spry tan on for 1-8+ hours, so its important to book your tan when you know your schedule is free and you wont have to get dressed or go anywhere while your tan is developing.


Its important to exfoliate your skin up to a week before and the day prior to your tanning session. The bronzing solution will stick to and sink into skin that is free of dead skin cells better, for longer lasting and smoother results. We recommend using shower gloves or a exfoliating mitt with soap free body wash, to avoid interfering with your skins PH levels.


Wear loose, dark clothing

After your tanning session, you will be dried with a fan, however you may still be sticky and damp for up to 1 hour after the session. We recommend wearing something loose and dark that wont crease, mark or scratch your tan while t is developing into your skin. Underwear and tight accessories should be avoided as they mark and remove the bronze from your skin, leaving white patches in your developed tan. Any fabric that comes into contact with the tan should come out in the wash, but be mindful of the materials/furniture you are contacting, as there is a risk of permanent stain or discolouration.

Avoid sweating, water, wet cosmetic products and jewellery

While your tan is developing, its important to avoid moisture of any kind as it removes the bronze solution and stops your tan developing, meaning your tan will be lighter than you wanted or it will leave pale patches among the tan.  We recommend removing jewellery as it will mark your tan and the DHA solution may tarnish or discolour your jewellery.


Rinse thoroughly

When you have left the tan develop for your desired time frame, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use your hand and a small amount of soap free body wash to rub all of the bronze solution off completely. It is important to make sure the water runs clear and there are no rinse/streak marks on your skin. Pat dry with a towel lightly and avoid rubbing the skin.


Moisturise regularly

The tanning solution includes ingredients that moisturize and hydrate your skin, however its important to moisturise your skin regularly, while you have a fake tan. The DHA used in fake tans can dry out your skin, exposing it to cracking and flaking, which will remove your tan and often leave your tan looking patchy and uneven. Moisturising will help keep your tan even and smooth and also help remove your tan evenly over time. 

Let the tan develop

It will take up to 24 hours for the true colour of the tan to show, so allow enough time in-between your second shower or swimming. Be mindful of the materials and objects you are contacting during this time, as you still may transfer colour to these fabrics and risk staining or discolourations.


Removing the tan

Our solutions are formulated to fade over time, rather than becoming patchy. To ensure a smooth and patch free removal of your tan, ensure you moisturise regularly to keep skin hydrated and avoid flaking of skin. Soak in a bath with baby or body oil to help loosen the tan. Oil helps to break down the DHA tanning agent, without drying and irritating your skin. Exfoliating will help to remove dead and dry skin cells and begin to remove the outer layers of the tan. Be sure to never vigorously and roughly scrub your skin to try to remove the tan, as it will damage your skin and leave your tan patchy.

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